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Lighting Upgrades

Update lighting at several schools.


Restock Library

New library books for 8 schools.


School Uniforms

New uniforms for 5,000 students.


Marquee Signs

Replace Marquee signs at 4 schools.



Basketball Courts

Rehabilitate basketball courts at 8 schools.



Playground Equipment

Replace unusable equipment at LeRosen Preparatory & Carencro Heights.



Picnic Tables

Provide 64 picnic tables at 8 schools.



Teacher Lounge Renovation

Update teacher lounges at 4 schools.


Carencro High Student Commons Deck

Replace 4,000 sq. ft. of commons decking.


Landscaping Restoration

Restore Landscaping at 8 schools.



Stadium Seating

Provide stadium seating at Acadian Middle School.


Band Instruments

Provide band instruments at Lafayette Middle School.